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Tuscan WIP by EponaN64 Tuscan WIP by EponaN64

To followers: Thank you so much again for the amazing outpouring of support!! You are all amazing, my family will always in my heart be the ones who love me. And being 'disowned' was probably the best thing to probably happen honestly.

An update~ I'm now an apprentice (Think traditional Italian style) to what is considered here a Master Painter in the Renaissance technique (maestro). His master before him was friends with Salvador Dali and Warhol. I'm super lucky because honestly coming to Italy was a shot in the dark. 
I'm now living in the forest near a medieval town in Tuscany. I get to work with animals when "My mind is tired" then work with art when I feel inspired. And, honestly I get to introduce him to the wonders of technology! He's been a bit of a hermit and it's been so fun to help him discover things like the Oculus Rift (I brought my Gear VR with me xD) Think of him as a gay Radagast mixed with Mario. Mama Mia.

I was feeling so many new things and the only way to sum it up was to draw. I'll update this as I finish it x)

Ciao! :'> Can't wait to draw more!

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Saskle Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2016  Student General Artist
So great to hear that Italy is working out so great for you! :heart: Looking forward to the finished version!
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