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I've been attempting to be active on Deviantart for yearssss now..! I keep starting and stopping.

Something has been eating at me. And I finally mustered up the courage to come out of some closets. (After growing up Mormon then that mindset following me for years)

**TL;DR: I'm hopelessly transgender. Female to male. Female to... androgyny leaning more to the male side. 
(Which makes me gay for everyone, but mostly girls.)

Anyway let's have some real talk, because if I'm going to keep this account open, I'm going to change some things! I can only stand to be honest now, the alternative hurts my heart. And by now everyone is probably gone to the wind. But those of you who still remember when I was active, hi! And this is probably weird..! (I also realize DeviantArt isn't as it used to be so bear with me if I'm a relic at this point)

I've been soul searching for so long, after not allowing myself to even think certain thoughts. And once I allowed myself, it's like pandora's box. Not only am I finding out, I -do not like men- as a mate. I do not feel attracted really to them, nothing more than an artistic appreciation. And finding out that I've always liked girls in that way I should never have! But.. Because I like girls, it also feels like in a straight way. So I'm also pulling a Bruce Jenner!  I've always had the mind of a man.. Surprise~ My internal voice was male, my imagination of myself as an elderly person was always a grandpa, I pictured myself in the dad position. Ever since I had memories I could remember me being confused af, I never knew why I was different from my brother and step brothers. I was the biggest tomboy you'd ever see since a child. Then you know, a major concussion and Junior high social pressures confused me. I've gone by EponaGIRL and HorseCHICK and FlashCHICK and ProgGIRL, trying to appease people..My brother picked these names actually. Utah is so strict with this stuff!


It's gotten to the point where my heart aches whenever I'm called Jenny. It kills me. Which is so weird since I've based my whole art business branding around my name, like "Hey that will never change right! Like what Will Smith did with Fresh Prince of Bel Air?" Whoops!

So after years of struggle, and cosplaying as guys to.. feel it out.(Link, androgynous really but it's why my hair is similar and I have been wearing contacts) I've been on hormone therapy for a while. And it's pretty apparent. I'm like 100000x happier than ever. So much more comfortable in my skin!? Like a giant mechanical vice loosened it's grip on my heart. At this point I've been questioning what even gender is (I know but there's two meanings to it! Like chromosomes, yes I'm obviously XX- female.) But the whole... clothes.. and connotations and goals and stereotypes.. Even the way I want to stand and present myself. Whatever it means, I just like wearing comfortable clothes, and I never had the honest desire to be motherly. Always wanted to provide and get dirty and cut my hair and look sharp like in a suit kind of way and not a dress kind of way. WHATEVER IT IS. 

I just call it what I am. And now I want to be called Wren. 

SO yeah. Sorry to go full Tumblr. All the way Tumblr.. But I've never allowed myself these thoughts. God, I wish I had sooner... would have saved much heartache! (Luckily I'm still very good friends with my previous boyfriend.)

The unfollow button is on the right, if anyone is so done with this sort of "Millennial bullshit".  Just. For me, it felt like a million bricks lifted from my shoulders.

Anyhow! Because of this I've been legit disowned by the remainder of my Utah family, never wanting to see me again. Transgender is something absolutely disgusting to them. Not to mention the big G/L word. 
And tomorrow I'm getting on a plane to experience life in Tuscany, Italy. With a host and his family. People describe him as Radagast from Lord of the Rings. Also gay. Very accepting of me. I consider this a reset and my new home base.

So here's to the new chapter of my life :'> Cheers! 

(EDIT: I just noticed the date is exactly 7 years ago my dad died. DANG! Totally new chapter. )
Hey guys! I'm tired, it's been a hard time making some of these projects. And life ended up getting in the way and plain weird stuff happened. But I've decided to do what I love doing in the first place, DRAW! So I'm here to draw :]

There was lots of work done for the Horse Game, I'll probably just release it here and Patreon who knows (if you guys want to buy me a lunch for it) It was really fun making it~

Here's a taste of the horse game's alpha stage:  Choose Your Color! (v2) by EponaN64
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Facebook Page!

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 15, 2014, 3:59 PM

|Commissions| |Website|


I've been working on getting all my website stuff together and I have finally gotten myself a Facebook page! :la: 
Still figuring it out, but stop on by! I'll be posting sketches and updates!

:happybounce:…:facebook: :happybounce:

As for the Horse game, we're working on the server, more on that soon!

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Update! *Horse Game- Alpha Testing*

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 20, 2013, 5:20 PM

|Commissions| |Website|


So, last you heard I was going to send my resume to Breyer. I never did hear back from them :XD: Which is okay!

Because in the meantime, I've started working full time on making a new Horse Game! It's based loosely on my Dressage Game:…

Since our last game was sooo huge, this Horse Game has become VERY doable for us. We're already ahead of schedule!

I'm looking for Alpha Testers, Anyone who can give helpful feedback and test out new builds. Let me know if you're interested! You can send me a note. :la: 

EDIT: I'll need your email address to add you to the Facebook group where I will be posting updates.

Remember to check your email address to complete the invite!

EDIT2: Thanks to everyone who joined! :iconladanceplz: Welcome!! 
Those who still want to join, There will be a Beta test down the road, I'll write another Journal and let you know when it's available!

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You guys have inspired me! I spent last night collecting my horse portfolio together. Along with the 3D models.
(which is..... HOLY CRAP: 100+ HI2 breeds; 100+ HI1 breeds; 100+ different combinations of colors..... I'll just put the good ones. XD )

So heck, I've decided I'll give it a shot! And send my Resume and portfolio to Breyer. :excited:

Wish me luck! We'll see what happens, they actually are hiring right now too, Omugah!

(Off to HorseIsle to grab some more screenshots!~)
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Edit:  Thanks for your well wishes :aww:. We'll see how the game business fares in the future.
So I've been in the middle of getting things ready to move out of the city. I'm so excited, it's been 3 years since I've sit outside on the grass. :B Me and Andy think the city life is definitely not for us for sure, almost like we need to go somewhere to "settle down" instead having excitement and fun with city living. Right now we're going to take a trip to Spokane/ Spokane Valley in Washington, and also check out Coeur d'Alene, ID since it's right there. Does anyone know much about Eastern Washington? We're trying to keep our mind open, but so far those places look really great!

We'll see what our trip tells us!   Eventually though, we want to get out of the U.S. completely, it's getting pretty freaky here.

:star: Also, Congrats to somniloquous for catching the 123,456 kiriban! :dance:
I'll post the picture as soon as I hear back any changes they might want.<3
I just wanted to say real quick, that I really appreciate your notes and comments and faves :heart: Thank you so much! I got a bunch of notes asking if I did commissions, and I thought I would answer all of those right now. I'm sorry but :iconilltellonyouplz: Commissions are closed at the moment..
I get really bashful when so many nice people say so many nice things, since my picture got front page, so sit there and think FOREVER on what to respond, and nothing ever seems like enough. But not responding is much worse :blush: but I really want to let those of you who sent notes how much it means to me.

Also, I just noticed a fun kiriban is coming up :la: If anyone catches 123,456 then I will make time to sketch something! Me and Andy are working crazy hard on the game right now, that's why I'm not taking commissions. But I can make time for one person's sketch. :3

As for the game, it's going really well, but it's taking a much longer time than we thought! I crunched all the numbers, I'm having to do 2 full paintings a day in order to make the deadline that we set for ourselves. But that means I'm learning a TON! That's a good way to learn things quickly is to force yourself to draw everyday.
Speaking of which, gotta get back to work right now, but I'm glad I got to say thanks! And sorry for not being around as much as I should. I sound like a single mom. :|
If someone is curious what's up with the game I'm working on or just new things going on,  You can check out my blog for new daily updates.  Decided to put the slow chugging of content into little journals for what I did for that day. Along with little thoughts and musings. So there will be new one's around nighttime.

Let me know what you think! :la: It's mostly people drawings and backgrounds, not many horses ;-; sadly.

:star: Blog :star:
I wanted to continue sharing my thoughts on relationships. Basically just my thoughts on the matter, And my last journal left me wanting to talk about it more.

First of all, I would like to apologize in advance for being a traitor to my gender. I do think it is necessary. What we have seen, and the stories we have heard are all so alike that they cannot be ignored.

Something else I have learned is cliche's always seem to have a reason for existing.
For instance, the nice guy usually does finish last. And what messes a guy up is girls saying: "I just want a nice guy!" "There's just no decent men out there." And then do the opposite later in the relationship, and say "You never give me space!" "I've changed since I met you, and I don't like it!" A girl's nice guy has to fit all requirements- Be good with kids, be sensitive but still manly, think about me but let me be myself, Pay for the meal/open the door but treat with equality at the same time, be pretty good looking also. A guy's nice guy is just... being nice. In the traditional sense of just.. not being mean. That is why I have said a guy usually tries to be a good boyfriend. Honestly, what person doesn't have good intentions at least? BUT There is another type of guy. One who knows women so well, that they play something that's called the "Game". This is the guy who does everything perfect in the eyes of girls, just so they can get in their pants basically. So the guys you need to avoid for really are the "Perfect guy". The real perfect guy is usually just a "decent dude". What the world has come to is the Decent Dude HAS to play the game in order to keep up. Or they are left behind.

There is another type of guy, that is such a "Nice Guy" that will always be next to the phone if you need a shoulder to cry on, or someone you talk about your horrible parents to and listens intently, or someone you know you can always text at 3am. He happens to be the type of guy that ALWAYS gets the "Let's just be friends :)" "Our friendship has so much value, I would hate to ruin it."
Oh? They're being a really great nice person, and when they happen to be into you... That's not a desirable trait for a boyfriend? Oh but he's TOO nice.
This is why I'm siding with the boys on this.  I have seen this consistently.. Isn't this by our own logic the type we want? Or is it true that we only go after jerks, because it does happen to be people's nature to want what they can't have. I guess there is a reason guys RANT about "Girls only want the asshole!" They are most likely a recovering nice guy. Aka. no more Mr. Nice Guy.) :stare:

This has all really been for the dating game. Early relationships. But what about long term relationships? The one you look for in your 20's onward? (Preferably with a decent guy)

The most important thing is balance, always strive for balance in a relationship. And my advice to women: Don't be a woman, BE a person. Be entirely fair.  Do not demand. Doesn't matter if they don't shower. As soon as you start demanding, they are going switch modes and agree with you on everything, then start avoiding subjects, avoiding doing certain things in front of you, then eventually avoid you all together. You do not want this to happen, it always ends bad. This is the root of the problem, they will usually want to please you. If they are honest and do not care about pleasing you, they would say "Fuck off! I don't have to shower. Now make me a sandwich." That's why they find that so funny, really that's what ALL guys really want to say! But because they are keeping the peace, they HAVE to agree with you. See how this is a problem? If you show this to any guy, they know it's true. This is their side of the story that we usually never see. And it's what I learned in order to be a great girlfriend. As soon as you stop demanding and start being understanding and let them be themselves, they WANT to shower for you. They WANT to do everything for you. That is when you do things back for them equally, and it becomes a healthy relationship.

Now I will say being fair also means to know when things are your fault and Aren't your fault. Chances are since awesome girls do tend to end up with assholes (See above), you will need to learn some things about yourself. This is really tricky and requires 100% honesty and complete control over negative emotions.   There's a trap girls can fall into that is called downward spiral. Remember to not hoard emotions inside, especially if you are suffering.  If you are being pushed around, this is another place where being a well rounded person and being fair kicks in. Defend yourself. Talk it out. In the end, get out of bad relationships, and find the great ones. When you find that you're in a great relationship, Another Cliche comes into play. "Communication is Key". Talk everything out, learn about each other. From now on live your life as a human being with another and enjoy the fulfillment and undying love! This person will become a part of you, and you will become a part of them. :}

I know there are those who will disagree. It's almost impossible to teach lessons unless you have already experienced it. I hope I have not offended anyone, Remember that honest advice is always the hardest to hear.

Side Notes:
~Remember not to rush into marriage! If you are surprised they are proposing to you, live together for at least 2 years before tying the knot. This is coming from a daughter of 3x divorced parents. Each of their marriages they have rushed into.

~Also, remember to take care of yourself! Human beings are very visual so in turn very shallow, even if we don't mean to be. You may disagree but you can't dispute when more or less people approach you. It's because of how you look.

~Once you are happy in a relationship, You are done. You are that person's unit, stick by them no matter what. Do all you can to work on the relationship, don't let your guard down and take them for granted.
I've been meaning to write another update for while! Just things that I've learned as I've been going through that "weird semi-adult period"
I'm glad to report that I think I can tell my younger self that "You turn out okay" :] I believe an adult is the way they are because of their 20's. Whenever they get out of school really.
The most important things to take care of as you're growing up is: Financial stability, A wonderful, balanced relationship, Figuring out education, A place to live, Balancing work, personal stability and finding what you're passionate about. Each one has very detailed and complicated ways of achieving. Sure life throws random events in your way, but once those things are squared away, a person can be defined as stable and happy. I won't get into religion, because some people need it to be happy and others are trapped by it.

Something I have a theory about is, you need to achieve these goals before that "Routine" part of your life kicks in. It's very hard to get out of routine once you're into it, for example you find yourself in your career..... and before you know it you've been at your job for 30 years. Not quite stable in your personal life, not quite happy in your relationship, not really financially stable. It's almost impossible but it's almost like a person has to find "The One", settle down with them, find the perfect job, win the lottery, achieve personal enlightenment and that perfect rewarding hobby all at once.
I guess what I'm trying to say is.... This has really happened to me. I really don't want to come off preachy, but I feel like I should share the things I have learned because it has really helped me. My biggest advice comes from relationships, it seems once you have that just right, the rest of your life seems to fall into place. It's always positive because whatever you are going through, your better half is there to support you.

So, my relationship advice is if you're in a relationship where you feel it's great, before you ask them to do something, offer first to do something for them. That keeps selfishness in check. Especially to you girls, do not feel entitled, do not have a list of things that your man must do in order to be the perfect man. I feel like I have a perfect relationship because we are 100% fair, anytime he does something for me, I do something for him. Also when girls finds themselves in a great relationship, they start to get very protective and you find that you are "Pushing them away". I have always known that less is more when you are starting out, imagine that perfect girlfriend, then BE that perfect girlfriend. That's what the guys do, they want to be that great boyfriend, but don't want to put up with your stupid/unfair crap. Be fair. And they will be fair back. Just remember to keep those emotions in check! As soon as you feel emotional and "don't know why", or anytime you feel like crying or yelling, you need to get out of that state as soon as possible. Take a walk. Once you are even minded, that is when you talk. And don't fool yourself by getting into an even voice, when inside you feel awful. You need to distance yourself from negative emotion. After all these things, you find that your partner is not fair and has problems, then it might not be right. If you find that they are fair and really want to work on it, Then do everything you can to work on the relationship! That is why on a large scale it would be related to diplomatic solutions. If you're simply working with a crazy diplomat, you need to move on and make peace treaties with them and go separate ways. But most want to find a middle ground and live in an equal state. Remember that we are all human beings! Remember to do these things in your relationship!

So this is my update, this is basically the reason I've been off from the internet. I'm now in my Routine part of my life, but a very happy routine. As for our game, it's going along great, games require lots of time, so we're just finishing up content at the moment. Our friend Hans is finishing up his game, so check that out too, it's called Ace Pilot :D… Me and Andy will finish up our iPhone game, I'll keep drawing, and we'll keep having a wonderful time! We just came back from El Salvador, and that was literally paradise. Now it's back to work! :lol:

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Still Chuggin'!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 12, 2011, 3:28 PM

Ah, I hate the feeling when you haven't updated in a while, so you feel kinda dead to the internets. But holy crap. I've never worked so hard, I wish I could post things because I've been doing a TON of artwork! And I've improved a lot since we started this project. The project is of course the game PLEXXUS.

I found out you learn a lot when you have to do things fast.
I also learned that I'm a lot more left brained than right brained. :stare: Andy is the creative one for sure.

I'll post some more screenshots and art for the game.
AND MUSIC-> We have some amazing composers, it blows my mind. A version of this song will be the NES level music (he will also be doing all the Story mode music)

NES Level

Main Character, Oliver - 1976 (we follow his life as he grows up through the 70's/80's playing Plexxus)

"PONG/Odyssey" Level- 1976 (Tutorial level, we go through the gameplay mechanic here)

Gotta get this game done!! Gotta keep drawing!!



Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

1::icononichild: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletred::star: (collab)
70% done

2::iconallyloolia: :bulletgreen::bulletorange::bulletred::star-empty:
50% done






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So pretty much right after I wrote my last journal is about the time Me and Andy were sprung into developing our game.  We had FINALLY found a programmer! The bad news is that it wasn't a Flash programmer for the Horse Game, but an iPhone programmer. (He's the most amazing programmer in the entire world, omguh)
I'm so sorry we're not going to be working on the Horse game this summer. ;_; It's been pushed back to this Fall. It's still going to be awesome! I actually have it's game design done with!

It turns out the iPhone is the most AMAZING platform to make games. Holy crap. :faint: It's so nice.
So for the last month or so, Me, Andy and the iPhone Programmer has been making this game.

Me and Andy had the idea for the game since this last year. It's called Plexxus.
It's a Puzzle game where you progress through the eras of gaming.  It's for anyone who grew up playing video games.

The programmer only has until September to work on it (EDIT: We got until November!! WOOT!), So We've been working on it non-stop, we haven't slept all that much and both have lost like 6 pounds already while working on it. o-o
I'm doing all the Art, Andy does the Writing and Support and Direction and Story, Jason does all the programming and Me and Andy are doing Game & Sound design, and Andy's brother is doing some Music as we help arrange it (Still looking for composer, but Andy's brother's doing a good job!) So really small team as game developing goes.

We've learned SO much. Such a great way to improve as an artist. And making games is even more fun than playing them!
I gotta get back to work! Still TONS to do. I'm sorry I suck at giving updates. ;___;

PONG Splash Screen

Atari 2600 Level

NES Cutscene

(Oh and it will be 99 cents!)
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Sharing as I'm learning

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 14, 2011, 1:28 AM

I'm trying to draw and study art everyday. Between my blog and my YouTube account, I'll be sharing some things I've learned!
I posted another video, this one is about drawing greyscale images in Photoshop. And I'll leave some thoughts I had while drawing in the video description.

I'll keep trying to improve and share stuff as I work at it.
I hope this helps anyone! :la:

:bulletyellow: Greyscale Tutorial :bulletyellow:

Art Tips :bulletyellow:



Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

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70% done

2::iconallyloolia: :bulletgreen::bulletorange::bulletred::star-empty:
50% done






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Holy Crap I Just Realized

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 8, 2011, 12:07 PM

Oh my gosh, I'm about to get 100,000 views?! WTF. :stare:
I think it's time I tried a kiriban! Whoever catches 100,000 (screenshot?), I will draw you something!! :la:


I missed it by about 6 hours! I just woke up from a nap, didn't realize it would be this soon, it was hundreds away when I last saw it. O____O I was thinking I would get it tomorrow!
Congrats to :iconsablewynd: and :iconmorganfirestables: . Awesome job!!
:iconflowerdanceplz: :iconflowerdanceplz: :iconflowerdanceplz: :iconflowerdanceplz: :iconflowerdanceplz: :iconflowerdanceplz: :iconflowerdanceplz:

Kiriban Prizes:
Sablewynd's Character, Roshni
<img src="…"height="300"  />

MorganFireStables's Character Reaper
<img src="…"height="400"  />

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke

1::iconkotorigaro: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: :star: (Full drawing w/ bkg,
100% done/paid

2::iconhoney-hill: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::star: (spent the day with her! Taught how to draw horses.)
100% done/paid

3::icononichild: :bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletred::star: (collab)
20% done

4::iconnycket: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::star: (Color sketch,
100% done/paid

5::iconhwshipper: :bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen::star: (sketch…)
100% done/paid



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Summer of Commissions!

Journal Entry: Wed May 25, 2011, 9:19 PM

First of all, Awesome comments on my last journal O_O Thanks so much for all the crazy helpful advice. Every comment helped me a ton!
After reading and thinking a lot about school, I will take this summer as an opportunity to learn! To self teach as much as I can to keep up with the level I would be at college. I have made my decision because of my lack of funds to go back to school.

But Seriously, After I wrote my journal last week, I checked my gmail to see a subject "Job Opportunity". :omg:
I was flipping out, I couldn't believe that it could be true!
Long story short, it turned out to be shady. They gave me very little information about the company other than it was an iPhone company, until today where they mentioned the previous company name they had, which has a long history of scamming. They make dozens of games a month with nice art but low quality games. I also would have had to sign a no-competition contract in order to work there, so I couldn't make anything else while I was there.
I decided I didn't want to be a part of those company decisions. So I lost my chance to repay my college loans this summer. I hope I made the right decision.

But it got me thinking, I could spend time practicing my art and pay off my debt by a more honest way. :meow:
I've decided to open up my commissions this summer! Everything I make is going to go toward paying off my student loan!

:bulletgreen: I made the prices here:… I wanted to be completely fair

And While I'm practicing and doing commissions this summer, I will also be working on THIS Game!
Horse Lunge Game:With Dressage by EponaN64
I'm finally turning it into a full working free game with finished animations. Many websites have stolen the game, so I will put it on it's own website with many new features. It's going to be awesome!

Where You Can Find Me:

:star: TUMBLR:star:
:star: BLOGSPOT :star:

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Your thoughts on College?

Journal Entry: Sun May 15, 2011, 7:00 PM

It's weird. I'm wondering if college will be worth it in the long run.
Right now I'm trying to make a decision about school. I went to college last year, Spring 2011 was the first time I took a "break".
$20,000 out of pocket, worst money ever spent.. Literally everyone I met at AAU had their parents pay for everything. D:
I'm thinking, after we get out of San Francisco, if a community college is a good idea.

But honestly, as an artist. Is a degree completely necessary? Or is it a means to learn more in school? Because I've learned everything on my own, and I like it that way (especially if it's free) :]
Or do you need a degree? And artistic skill really doesn't have anything to do with it.
Or is experience the real key?

What's your guy's opinion? School is insanely expensive nowadays! :noes:


Anyway! I'll scan some sketches soon, I've been drawing a ton! :la: And also, recently I've been trying my hand at programming. It actually jives well, it's freaking exciting to learn! :iconicameplz:

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Herp Derp

Journal Entry: Tue May 10, 2011, 4:40 AM

Blogs are fun! I've been fiddling around with the blog, and it got me thinking. Does anyone check out blogs anymore? I feel like the grandma that tries but always is about a decade behind. What do you think, are blogs still..."cool"? I basically use mine to post art that doesn't really fit here.

If you look closely you'll notice all my updates are always at like 4am or something like that. For some really weird reason, Me and Andy go to bed during the day, and then are awake at night. So I feel like a nocturnal zombie person constantly. I think it's just because we're such a fan of naps :meow:

Yeah it's 4:32 right now. :[ *ashamed*

Btw, Andy surprised me with flowers! :iconiloveyouplz:

The cat got to the pretty flower in the middle, so I had to cut off part of the stem. 3:
Also, lo siento. Horrible quality..

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Blogspot and CGSociety!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 22, 2011, 2:20 PM

Hey! Thank you so much again for all the kind comments on my last journal :hug: ;__; It feels good to be back.

As promised, here's my new blog! I'll be posting everything I draw there, and keep posting the finished art here on DA.

I'm so new to this blogging thing D: So I've been playing around and trying to figure it out. (Like when I post images, the first thing I post goes down to the bottom..? Just need to get used to that.) And I tried out Tumblr, it's pretty neat!

And I'll post my Sketchbook thread on CGsociety. Pretty much the same thing, I just post as I go.



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Hey guys, I just thought I would write a serious update. (SORRY for the long, heavy post D: )
Gosh, where do I start? :|

This has really been such a weird year. And seriously, thank you to you guys who have been watching me, and still stuck by me. I'm going to really strive and be honest : )
I've been pushing myself to be "un-..dead" er. "Not dead" periodically. But honestly, it's been a full year without serious drawing. Pretty much everything on deviantart is -ALL- I've drawn.  o.o

Basically, the first semester of college, awful things happened and I hadn't really recovered.. It was my first chance to get out of Utah, where my mom and step-dad forbid me to draw. She would hide sketchbooks, lock up the computer and such, and I'd have to sneak on at night and crack the password to get on Photoshop and Flash. Even though at the time (since I was 15) I had an art job, My mom's so weird.

So I saved all the money I got from Horseisle, to go to college by myself, in San Francisco.
The very first semester, I caught swine flu, and was locked up in a room for 2 weeks. While I was in that room, my godmother died. 2 days after I got out, my dad died.
It was all so sudden. My dad has always been my best friend and the only one who supported me in SF. Plus the two most influential people in my life were gone. It shook my outlook on life immensely.

I had to stop working for Horseisle. It was like a ghost coming back to haunt me. Some very messed up things happened while I worked there on location (before I went to college). I was mormon and clueless at the time. And in hindsight really messed me up emotionally. Fuck you, Joe. -__-

Here I am now. I'm 20 years old. It would be my second year in college. But since I couldn't get myself to work at Horseisle anymore, money ran out. So I had to drop out of college. It was so incredibly expensive..

ANYWAY, this is where the story gets happeh :3 Sorry about all that, what a stupid year...

I met the most amazing person in the world, while all this horrible-ness was happening! o__o It was love at first sight. Andy :heart: He's my better half.

I met Andy the same week I arrived back to San Fran, from my dad's funeral. I was a complete and total wreck, I was barely a functioning human being. but somehow he saw passed that. (d'aww, right?)
So the other part of this year was, the wonderment of dating and love and ahhh. We went on this adventure together. I guess it will be 2 years this Fall?

Finally after all this time, I'm not a zombie. I have a new-found love of art and games and nerdy stuff, and I'm insanely happy. We've been living together for more than a year, and his dad has been supporting us while he goes to school. We have a beautiful apartment and a weird cat :lol: Life is beautiful (and I just got Portal 2 today)

I'm finally over this stuff to where I can talk about it. I lost all my Utah friends and family, because as soon as you turn "Non-mormon", they suddenly dislike/pity you. But I've never been happier in my whole life. x]]! Deviantart has always been a constant in my life, and all those who stuck by me deserve so much more honesty from me. :heart: you guys! Look forward to more game updates and art from me!

P.S. I just remembered, I have this blog that I had to make in 2008 when I took a High School computer class. I'll start posting artwork on it. I have a bunch of studies and sketches I would like to post somewhere, for now I will just post in scraps on DA. But I'll post my CGSociety thread soon. I'm very excited, I have lots of junk I've started, I'll start posting on my blog.

P.P.S. So many new things on Deviantart?! D; I don't understand my llama in the upper right corner. O_O

/end ridiculously long post. High five if you made it this far, I appreciate it a lot!

EDIT: Here's my new Sketchbook thread I started on CGsociety!…
I'll keep posting all daily arts I make there!